Video Advertising


Our videos were viewed more than 9 million times in 2011, and average 670,000 views each month.

For your message to be seen, it has to be where the audience is. For your message to be heard, it has to have an interested audience. With today’s technologies, television commercials are easily skipped while online and mobile viewing is rapidly on the rise. In fact, it took internet video less than two years to reach 50 million users according the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Take advantage of this growing market with one of OPUBCO Communications Group many opportunities.

For more information on specific video opportunities, simply click one of the links below to view and download the fact sheet.

  Bedlam Video Series

  Berry Tramel Sponsorship

  Fantasy Football Friday Tips Sponsorships

  High School Sports Video Package

  Jenni Carlson Sponsorship Sports Highlight Show

  OKC Thunder Playoffs Video Sponsorship

  Red River Rivalry Video Series

  Sports OU & OSU Press Conference Video Package

  Sports OU & OSU Video Sponsorship

  Static by George Lang Sponsorship